Looking for the Sims 4 Mobile APP? The Game Has Officially Been Relased

So Get ready to play The SIMS 4 on iOS And Android Devices

The Sims 4 Mobile Game Is Now Available For All Devices. The Sims 4 Mobile has new and exciting features. You will be able to spend time with all of your favorite sims right out of your pocket, on the go in this mobile app.

The Sims 4 On Android and iOS

The Best Game Out Right Now

This game has been in the works for over a year now and after hearing the fans constantly ask why there wasn't a sims 4 for phones, the Electronic Arts team decided to finally give back to everyones requests. Be part of a new world, with all new sims, cars, and luxury's. In moments, you will be enjoying the most played game of 2017. The new mobile app does not dissapoint, and with that being said, we can guarantee you will be pleased with everything from the graphics and gameplay to the story line you create as a player.

The Sims 4 Android game (iOS Compatible) is hands down the best release this year, especially for the main sims fans that have always wanted to play on the go. Sims 4 mobile is more than just an open world adventure, it's pretty much like having a second life in the palm of your hands. The game is fully functional on all devices, including the older versions of iOS and Android. There's no room to be bored, as this game has new features that add more excitement to your Sims story in every aspect. You can now interact with your friends in real life to get a virtual world experience with each other.

Easy to use

Electronic Arts wants feedback and a comments so this is a limited time offer since the game just released. Go to the Contact page to report any bugs or concerns you have with it. The Sims 4 Android and iOS mobile app will eventually be a paid app, and come with a store where users can purchase different luxury's, apparel, vehicles, items for houses, and much more! So hurry up and get the game for free before it's too late.

It's without a doubt that this app has the most clear and HD graphics out of all the mobile apps this year. Some are saying it's comparable to the PC Version but we'll let you be the judge of that. However, having better performance on the game will greatly depend on the phone you are using. You definitely want more RAM and a fast processor in order to play the game without any hiccups or lagging. For an easier gameplay, it's recommended to play the Sims 4 mobile on a tablet. (Since it provides a much bigger screen)

Sims 4 Mobile App

Now you're probably wondering how the online mode is. You can connect through WiFi (Recommended) or through your phones bluetooth. One of the most vital elements in this game is trying to maintain healthy relationships, whether virtual or real. Your character will have the ability to level up while nurturing them and performing other tasks also allowing you to unlock brand new features. One of the coolest parts is that you can build up your family through several generations (This is called the 'Legacy Challenge'). And just like the real world, you have to go out and find a job.

Now that it's 2017, the number of gamers on mobile platforms has increased dramatically making the developers of big titles want to get in on the action. EA has wanted to make this game a reality for so long but since the phones were not as powerful as they are now, it was pretty much impossible to make happen. But now, you can find a quad processor and huge amounts of ram on phones, allowing them to play much more advanced games with a good FPS.

Android application
For Apple iOs

Additional Features

What is new on The Sims 4 mobile?

Now users will have the chance to change any body part in cluding the chest, the abdomen, the legs, feet and arms. This was a not a feature that was included with the previous Sims games.

Go through the whole process of life with the seven life stages. Start off as a baby, then to toddler, child, a teen, young adult and then an elder. But before you jump the gun, the baby feature is only part of birth a sim and not in create a sim.



Like the last sims games where sleepwear, formal, athletic, party and swimwear wadrobes became restricted to having clothing options, all the clothes options are available across all the forms of wadrobe. Users are allowed up to five outfits on each category. There's also a filterpanel and this is where the clothing options can be sorted by material, the color, outfit category, style, fashion choice, content and packs.

You're going to want to follow the steps below in order to download the The Sims 4 Android and iOS APP

If You're Downloading Straight From A Mobile Device
1.) Click the iOS or Android button depending on what device you're downloading from
2.) The verification process will start, so be sure to have some room on your memory card.
3.) Please install 2 apps or fill out a simple survey. Each app needs to be played for at least 45 seconds to be on the safe side.
4.) When you have played one app and exited out, do the same for the next app as well.
5.) Reboot your device, the Sims 4 should start installing. Once it's done, open up and enjoy!

If You're Downloading From A Computer
1.) Once the offers have been completed, you will unlock and receive the file to start the next steps.
2.) You will want to connect your Android or iOS Device up to your computer
3.) Now copy either the Sims.APK or Sims.IPA to phone or tablet.
4.) Open up the file, a pop up box will say 'For Other Security Reasons Your Device Is Set To Block Any Installation Of Apps Coming From Unknown Sources'
5.) Click the 'SETTINGS' Button
6.) Now go ahead and start INSTALLATION of Sims 4
7.) Once the game is done being installed, you will see the SIMS 4 icon on your phone
8.) Open it up and get ready to download the rest of the data+OBB files. (Make sure to have plenty of room)